I'm Nathan Lecompte — a university student currently living in Sydney, Australia. I have a burning passion for tech and consistently strive to learn more about the diverse opportunities presented within the ever-expanding IT sector. I have already acquired a respectable amount of experience whilst designing and developing solutions to sophisticated problems within my previous work environments; I am eager and determined to tackle new job prospects.

Overall, I'm a tinkerer, thinker, maker and doer — and I love a challenge. Feel free to have a look at some of my technological competencies below.

Website Management

The management and configuration of various aspects of a website via an assortment of services, including:

  1. Domains — (Gandi, Dreamhost, CrazyDomains and various others)
  2. Web-Hosting — (Dreamhost, DigitalOcean, UpCloud, x10Hosting and various others)
  3. Email — (ProtonMail, Zoho, Office 365, RoundCube and various others)
  4. Content Management Systems (CMS) — (WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, Nibbleblog, ProBoards and various others)
  5. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) — (CloudFlare and various others)

Web Development

Designing graphical elements and wireframes, full-stack development using a variety of programming/markup languages and libraries, including:

  1. HTML5
  2. CSS3
  3. JavaScript — (VanillaJS & JQuery)
  4. PHP
  5. SQL — (Oracle & MySQL)

Website Security

The application of cyber-security standards and practices during the configuration, development and management of websites, including:

  1. Domain Security — (DNSSEC & CAA's)
  2. Email Security — (SPF, DMARC, MTA-STS & DANE)
  3. Transport Security — (TLS/SSL & HTTP Header Hardening)
  4. Other — (HSTS, CSP, SRI & Firewalls)

Graphic Design

Designing graphical elements and guidelines, such as corporate branding, editorial design, advertising, signage and UI design, using a variety of programs, including:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator

Application Development

Designing graphical elements and wireframes, writing concise documentation and developing modular applications using a variety of programming languages, including:

  1. C#
  2. Visual Basic .NET
  3. Java


Check out my résumé for more information.

Résumé (1.3MB)