Nathan Lecompte  /  Programmer, designer and tech enthusiast.

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I'm Nathan Lecompte — a university student currently living in Sydney, Australia. I have a burning passion for tech and consistently strive to learn more about the diverse opportunities presented within the ever-expanding IT sector. I have already acquired a respectable amount of experience whilst designing and developing solutions to sophisticated problems within my previous work environments; I am eager and determined to tackle new job prospects.

Overall, I'm a tinkerer, thinker, maker and doer — and I love a challenge. Feel free to have a look at some of my qualifications and technological competencies below.


Diploma of Information Technology

(Graduated in 2018) — Fundamental knowledge and concepts of Information Technology, including programming, computer science, business systems, database design and digital media.

  1.  Grade average — 80% (GPA of 3.625/4.0)

Bachelor of Engineering (Software) (Honours)

(Graduating in 2021) — Practical learning based on the use of modern hardware techniques and software technologies to design, construct, manufacture and manage systems and products.

  Technological Competencies

Website Management

The management and configuration of web-servers (Apache & NGINX) and other various aspects of a website via an assortment of services, including:

  1. Domains — (Gandi, Dreamhost, CrazyDomains and various others)
  2. Web-Hosting — (Dreamhost, DigitalOcean, UpCloud, x10Hosting and various others)
  3. Email — (ProtonMail, Zoho, Office 365, RoundCube and various others)
  4. Content Management Systems (CMS) — (WordPress, Joomla, Ghost, Nibbleblog, ProBoards and various others)
  5. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) — (CloudFlare and various others)

Web Development

Designing graphical elements and wireframes, full-stack development using a variety of programming languages and tools (Git, npm, webpack & Vue CLI), including:

  1.  HTML5
  2.  CSS3
  3.  JavaScript — (VanillaJS, JQuery & Vue.js)
  4.  PHP
  5.  SQL — (Oracle & MySQL)
  6.  Python — (Bottle)

Website Security

The application of cyber-security standards and practices during the configuration, development and management of websites, including:

  1. Domain Security — (DNSSEC & CAA's)
  2. Email Security — (SPF, DMARC, MTA-STS & DANE)
  3. Transport Security — (TLS/SSL & HTTP Header Hardening)
  4. Other — (HSTS, CSP, SRI & Firewalls)

Graphic Design

Designing graphical elements and guidelines, such as corporate branding, editorial design, advertising, signage and UI design, using a variety of programs, including:

  1.  Figma
  2.  Adobe Photoshop
  3.  Adobe Illustrator
  4.  Adobe Premiere Pro
  5.  Adobe After Effects

Application Development

Designing graphical elements and wireframes, writing concise documentation and developing modular applications using a variety of programming languages, including:

  1.  C#
  2.  Visual Basic .NET
  3.  Java

Download my résumé

Feel free to download a printable PDF copy of my résumé:

Résumé (1.3MB)