I'm available to talk business on a multitude of platforms, including: Dribbble, LinkedIn, GitHub, Behance and Twitter.

If you'd like to contact me directly, feel free to contact me via my email: bTxzcGFuPnRhcmJhIyoxLjQyaUBVZUVXPC9zcGFuPm9jLjxzcGFuPkJLQWMub3JnU19AOThuYXQwSVJHPC9zcGFuPmNlbDxzcGFuPmxsb3NpZSZhbXA7RSpmdWlHPC9zcGFuPnRhbjxzcGFuPjwvc3Bhbj5rPHNwYW4+TUQmYW1wOyVpI0BuZkxJRjwvc3Bhbj5yb3c=.

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